Do you have unclaimed money out there?

Could you use an extra $100 in your life, or more? You wouldn’t believe how many people have money sitting out there, waiting to be claimed.

Maybe you had a savings account with your old bank and forgot about it when you switched banks. Or a CD. Or a safe deposit box. Or maybe an old utility, like a cell phone provider or electric company, owes you money for a deposit or refund but could never reach you. I want to give you an easy way to be reunited with your money.

Head to Enter in your first and last name and your state. On the next page you will be able to see if there is any unclaimed money in your name. Start with your current state and work your way back to all states you have ever lived in. If you have an uncommon last name it will be easier to find your money. You can also do this search for relatives and see if anything comes up for them.

If nothing turns up there, also give a try. This site represents state unclaimed property offices in their efforts to help people reclaim their lost or forgotten assets.

Together, these sites will help you find money that is rightfully yours. Happy hunting!

What do you think?

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