Could leaving early save you money?

Yesterday we looked at whether leaving early could make you a better person. I concluded that by leaving for your destination a few minutes early you set yourself up to be in the service of others. Today we’ll look at this issue from another angle: Could it also save you money?

Consider that the typical automobile built today peaks in fuel economy at about 55 miles an hour. By going as close to that speed as possible you are getting the most out of the money you spend on gas. Even as a male in my mid-twenties, I’m a fairly slow driver. On highways where the speed limit is 70 mph I tend to go about 64 or 65. If you’re a speed demon who frequently exceeds the limit, try slowing down a little and see how it affects your overall mileage. Going under the speed limit also keeps you from getting a ticket. This not only saves you the cost of the ticket but the resulting increase in insurance premiums as well.

Slowing down gives you more time to react behind the wheel, thus decreasing your chances of getting into an accident. Auto accidents cause all sorts of financial headaches, including dealing with your insurer, trying to get a rental, and possibly hospital bills. Not to mention any liability you may face by driving recklessly. By leaving early you can afford to slow down a little and potentially avoid the costs associated with an accident.

Say you have a habit of stopping in to buy a book every time you pass a bookstore. And there just so happens to be a bookstore on your way home from work. What if you could allow a little extra time to get home, take a detour, and completely avoid the bookstore? By finding a way around the bookstore, you have eliminated a daily temptation to spend money.

Leaving early can also be a boon for your career. It can be the difference between arriving on time and being late for a job interview. And when you start your career, showing up early for work shows your employer that you are motivated and responsible, which could lead to promotions and/or raises.

In addition to giving you opportunities to serve others, leaving early can save you money in all sorts of ways. It allows you to slow down and save on gas and avoid accidents. It can help you avoid spending temptations. And it can be great for your career.

What do you think?

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