3 more ways to save on groceries

A while back I offered 7 ways to save at the grocery store. Here are 3 more ways to save:

1. Compare prices for your favorite items. Prices for your most frequently-purchased items will be different depending on the store you’re shopping at. Next time you go grocery shopping take a pen and notepad and write down the prices for the items you buy most frequently. Repeat at a few other stores in your area, and before long you’ll have a good idea of which store has the lowest overall prices.

2. Product substitution. Say you like peanut butter. The price of peanuts has risen this year because of a shortage caused by bad weather. So instead of buying peanut butter you might try jelly or jam or any number of other alternatives. I use this tactic frequently when grocery shopping. I have a few different brands of bread that I prefer, and I don’t hesitate to buy them — when they’re on sale. When they’re not I find something else to try.

3. Don’t be tempted by items at checkout. Items are placed in checkout lines for one reason only: to get you to buy more. Gum, candy, batteries, lint rollers, anything the store thinks you may have forgotten while shopping. Magazines also appear here. While it can be tempting to pick up one or more of these items while standing in line, your wallet will thank you if you avoid them.

Now that we have 10 ways to save at the grocery store, are there any that I missed?

Photo by qmnonic

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