A Low-Cost Option for Home Security

For you homeowners out there, how many of you protect your home with a monitoring system? Do you sign a contract for it? If so, you’re getting ripped off in a big way.

Alarm monitoring companies (along with cell phone providers, gyms and many others) love to handcuff you to a two or three-year contract so they don’t have to work to earn your business month after month. They often charge high fees — as much as $45 a month plus installation — for providing something that costs them about $3 a month. It’s their way of ensuring their bottom line for years to come.

How would you like a cheaper alternative that not only offers lower costs, but also easy installation, wireless protection, and a 60-day money back guarantee?

The company is called SimpliSafe. For $15 a month, they provide wireless cellular monitoring, which means you don’t need a land line telephone. The original equipment costs as low as $200, depending on the extra sensors and remotes you order. Installation is easy even for those who aren’t handy — the unit talks to you and walks you through the steps for setup. It comes pre-programmed and as their website says, “No tools required – just peel and stick.”

The best part about SimpliSafe is that they don’t require a contract. Through great customer service and the quality of their monitoring service, they’ve built a solid reputation with their customers who remain with them month after month.

One drawback of SimpliSafe is that they don’t offer integrated smoke and fire monitoring with their systems. For this type of protection you’d have to go with a more robust, professionally installed system.

When looking for an alarm monitoring company, the first question you should ask is whether they require a contract. If so, hang up and try the next company. You want to pay about $15 a month, but never more than $20. And make sure the company uses a standard called “U.L. Certified monitoring.”

Beware any offers like “$99 installation.” While upfront costs might be a little lower with these offers, they’ll eat up your wallet every month with higher ongoing fees.

This might also be a great time to finally ditch that old land line you never use!

Photo by familyhomesecurity.com

2 thoughts on “A Low-Cost Option for Home Security

  1. This looks interesting, I have been looking into security systems recently. I definitely like that it doesn’t require a landline since we haven’t had one either for years.

    • I would definitely recommend SimpliSafe. My parents recently installed it and said it was very easy. And I’ve heard nothing but good things about their customer service.

      Thanks for your comment!

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