Walmart Increasing Its Focus on Healthy Foods

As the nation’s largest grocery chain, Walmart plays an important role in the lives of many American families. Many of its customers tend to be lower-income and can’t always afford healthy food choices. But now, the king of low prices is shifting its focus and making it easier for people to find healthy options.

According to The New York Times, Walmart will begin rolling out bright green “Great for You” labels this Spring. The labels will be placed on about 20% of its grocery items which are high in protein or other nutrients and low in fat and sugar.

Health groups, as you can imagine, are coming out in support of Walmart’s efforts. According to one such group mentioned in the article:

Any visual cue that allows consumers to quickly differentiate healthier food options helps busy families, and we are pleased that Walmart continues to be a critical leader among a growing number of private sector organizations looking to end this (obesity) epidemic.

It’s clear that Americans are on the go more than ever. By introducing this easy-to-see label on certain foods, Walmart is doing its part to mitigate the obesity epidemic we’re currently faced with. Shoppers in a hurry can now easily spot healthy items without having to scrutinize the nutrition labels.

Something to watch for as Walmart rolls out these labels is whether the items they regard as healthy really are good nutritional options. Companies routinely place marketing speak such as “All-natural” and “Wholesome” on their packages. They’re able to get away with this because the FDA doesn’t regulate such claims. But whenever a company this big makes a shift like this, it’s worth paying attention to because of the number of people it could impact.

One of the arguments people give against eating healthier foods is the cost. Now that the country’s largest retailer will offer more healthy options that fit the budget, you may not have an excuse!

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3 thoughts on “Walmart Increasing Its Focus on Healthy Foods

  1. I think that’s a great move on Walmarts part. Many customers don’t know what they should and should not eat. Although it may be obvious to one it may not be to another. Same goes with overspending money you don’t have. Some people get it and others don’t.

    We should applaud Walmart for going the extra step to help educate their customers. How many businesses today take pride in caring about the customers. Look at Presidents Choice here in Canada. They are one of our front runners with Healthy living and eating and people gobble it up!

    Great Post. Not sure if Walmart will do this in Canada but I hope so.

    • I hadn’t thought about that angle. You’re right, some people don’t know what they should eat to stay healthy. It’s an assumption we probably shouldn’t make.

      Is President’s Choice a well-known brand in Canada? Can you find it at several different retailers across the country?

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