4 thoughts on “Uncommon Ways to Save on Medical Expenses

  1. I wish I read this before I coughed up the $460 for my dental crown. I’ve tried negotiating bills through hospitals and I never win the claim. I have no idea what these doctors are coding my shots as..some mark them as surgeries or procedures and I end up paying so much just for a measly shot. I really hate it.

    • The problem I see is that we’re not consumers in the healthcare marketplace. Prices aren’t listed upfront, and we have no incentive to shop around because if we have insurance, all we have to do is make a co-pay.

      Hospitals should be required to list prices so consumers can shop around for non-emergency care, just as they do for everything else.

      • I totally agree. It’s a crooked system and the insurance companies and hospitals work together. I work in healthcare so I see it all the time…doctors get business from providers and vice versa, so they are always working together. Of course it’s a HIPAA violation, but who can regulate every single transaction?

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