Gas Price Gotcha

I was filling up the car this week at a station I’d never been to before, enticed by the low price posted on their sign. After swiping my credit card at the pump I noticed the price I would be paying was eight cents higher than the one I saw on the sign. I looked closer and saw two different prices listed on the pump – one for cash and one for credit. Turns out they had posted the lower, cash price on their sign.

Some stations put “cash price” on their signs, but others try to be sneaky about it. I think it’s fine if stations want to charge different prices based on how you pay. But what’s not OK is trying to hide it. We should be given the information up front to help us make a decision.

I was digging around on Gas Buddy to see if they broke down the prices into cash and credit, but I didn’t find anything. This makes finding the best price in advance very difficult.

Just something to keep in mind as you’re traveling this holiday season.

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