One Surefire Way to Make Your Complaint Heard

AngryCustomer service, it seems, isn’t a priority for most companies these days.

Whether it’s restaurants denying entry to veterans who require the assistance of a service dog or CVS signing people up for prescription refills without their consent and billing them for it, many companies seem to have lost their focus on the customer.

There’s even a popular website devoted to exposing customer service horror stories.

In the old days, if you had a problem with a company you did one of two things. You either sent them a letter or you set aside a large block of time on Saturday morning to navigate the company’s phone tree in hopes of reaching someone who cared. Your chances of success with these methods were pretty slim.

Thanks to social media, there’s a new way to be heard. Companies are waking up to the fact that if gone untreated, customer complaints on Facebook and Twitter can spread like wildfire.

Many of the biggest ones are spending heavily on their social media presence. I read in the WSJ that two years ago, GM had no strategy for monitoring complaints on social media. Today they have 30 people doing just that.

The power of social media is that anybody can be heard. Sure, some people use this power frivolously, like to complain that their parking spot was stolen or to let us know what they had for dinner. But Facebook, Twitter and other sites also provide an outlet that lets us voice our complaints and frustrations about products and services.

It doesn’t matter whether you have one follower or a thousand – social media levels the playing field. In true David vs. Goliath form, you’re able to bring even the biggest companies to their knees.

If you have a beef with a company and they don’t seem to listen, you now have another way to be heard. Look to social media.

It doesn’t matter how large or small the company. Sure, larger companies are more likely to monitor social media for complaints, but no company wants to tarnish its image by allowing complaints about them to linger. Use their fear to your advantage.

Have you engaged a company through social media to solve a problem?

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4 thoughts on “One Surefire Way to Make Your Complaint Heard

  1. Good post. I’ve never had to use social media for something like this but I definitely see the power in it. I’ve read/heard numerous stories of someone getting a huge following for sharing their story via social media and it’s no doubt the company would generally want to do something to rectify the situation…otherwise the just risk looking even worse.

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  3. A great reminder of the power of social media. While I haven’t voiced complaints over twitter, I’ve heard countless stories of people doing so and getting results. I’m glad that it helps, although at the same time it is sad that it takes public shame for companies to provide decent customer service. As a small business owner, it’s a good reminder to keep an eagle eye for any complains via social media but first and foremost – to provide excellent customer service.

    • You’re exactly right – if you take care of the customer first, and worry about profits later, you probably won’t have to worry about this much. Most people feel good about receiving great customer service and can’t wait to share their experience with others. I think it surprises people sometimes too, since we so often hear the horror stories.

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